As diverse as nuts can be.


Here you get an overview of our entire assortment. Every nut aficionado will find his or her nut product, according to his/her taste.

Pure or seasoned, mixed with other nuts or dried fruits – spicy or natural: In any case a 100 % nut.




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    The Double-Crunch-Peanuts!

    Is there anything more satisfying than a good "crunch"? Of course: a double crunch! If you are looking for more than just a nibble then our NicNac's are just the thing for you! Spicy and doubly crunchy! Give it a crunch with NicNac's!



    Delicious crispy treat.

    Those who seek the very special snack cannot avoid our nut snacks. They are always crispy, seasoned with exciting flavors, and prepared in fascinating varieties: marinated, roasted, with spicy crust – the perfect snack in between.


    Pure delight.

    Our secret? All products convince with freshness, variety, and quality. Ingredients are chosen from the world‘s supreme cultivation areas and refined by us. Freshly roasted and aroma-sealed, they always have a crisp crunch.